Locomotive Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 1999.

The company was initially created as an extended arm for the factories it serves in the publishing industry. We now have an alliance with three factories where we act as their exclusive sales office for the publishing industry, each has its own uniqueness and specialty that complement each other and create a comprehensive product line.

The company's initial product line was, and still is, the biggest part of our business, the production of cloth books and bath books. As the demands in the children's publishing industry are vast and ever changing our product line rapidly expanded to include novelty paper and board books with and without cloth, plush, toys, gadgets, plastic and many different kinds of elements.

To enable competitive book manufacturing we have strong ties with several printing companies, both amongst the very big and famous and the very small and unknown. 

In 2002, we made a milestone alliance by creating a 'technology partnership' with a rapidly growing factory, which produces various kinds of new technology products. With this factory we are able to integrate new technology (plastics, electronics, computing, programming, lights and sounds) into our existing product lines. We are exclusively representing this company in the publishing world.

This allows us to gain the necessary engineering and technical expertise to venture into the ever-changing and exiting world of manufacturing for the novelty area of children's publishing.

By combining the strengths of the factories we are allied with, we are able to deliver a range of products accompanied with the required technical consultancy and engineering power, high level of service, precision quality and craftsmanship and still be more competitive than few other companies are able to offer.